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Rick’s Corner for February!

We all just LOVE Rick & he LOVES giving us the buzz around town. Here goes–

Bridge Street Coffee is what Rick has been living on. He strongly suggests the Caramel but that was only to deter you from drinking his personal favorite, White Mocha. I think we should all try both.

Rick has been super busy (awesome!!) so he hasn’t been able to get over to Forrey Grill but he says it has been smelling AMAZING! We should also all go over and check out what’s up in the kitchen.

Belle’s Ice Cream Bar is the place to be. The traffic in and out of there has been tremendous. They have wonderful toppings…try their peanut butter topping over chocolate ice cream.

Out of this world!!!

From Rick’s window, he can see that Vinny & Dylan from the City of LaBelle are working hard!

The guys have laid all the Engraved Bricks from LaBelle Downtown Revitalization Corporation (LDRC) onto the Fred Johnson Memorial Parklet on Fort Thompson Avenue.

Take a walk and see who you spot!

Vinny and Dylan are also prepping the parklet for new lights that LDRC has purchased. The street lamps will match the lights installed on the wharf. (I have been told they will be installed before Swamp Cabbage.)

And, last but certainly not least, Rick has an obnoxious new horn. Crazy loud and terrible sounding. He will have it on Friday night at Friday on Fort Thompson.

Listen for it!

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